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In late March through the end of April 2013 Judy Schmitz and I served in Chintheche Malawi, Africa as homeopaths, treating AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, and many other chronic diseases using homeopathic process and homeopathic remedies.

Judy and reza photo in MalawiReza and Judy at Kande beach Malawi Africa

We had a wonderful experience meeting, working, treating, and enjoying the people of Malawi. They are very kind and lovely people. When they smile it is like a sunshine, their beauty just rushes out and gives you a feeling of warmth and love.

This clinic in Chintheche and all the wonderful work that is being done there and other parts of Africa would not have been possible without the work and dedication of the following people:

Peter Chapell

Peter Chappell is the person behind the breakthrough that resulted in the foundation of the ARHF (Amma Resonance Healing Foundation).

Harry van Der zee

Harry van der Zee, from the Netherlands, is a homeopathic physician and editor-in-chief of Homeopathic Links, an international journal for classical homeopathy.


Corrie Hiwat, from the Netherlands, has been practicing as a homeopathic therapist since 1987. She was initially trained as a nurse and a teacher in adult education.

ARHF offers effective, safe and free treatment for epidemic diseases, trauma and chronic diseases in Africa. Its main targets are AIDS, malaria, diabetes and the trauma of war and rape.

If you would like to learn more about this work please click on ARHF.
To donate please click on this LINK. Your donation will help to spread homeopathy further in Africa and help in the healing of a continent.

We took several thousands pictures (mostly taken by Judy) and lots of videos (taken mainly by me). Please note that you will see more pictures of me than Judy and that is because she was behind the camera and not in front of it.

On this page you will find links to some of these photos and some of the videos. All are placed on Youtube, so when you click a link it will take you there. There is no particular order to watch these, however, I created various themes and have grouped the photos accordingly.

The theme is the title of the video shown at the bottom of each picture here. This page will be updated to include more of the photos and videos as time goes. All photos are converted into short videos to make it easy for viewing purposes. All you have to do is click and just sit back and enjoy.

Lake malawi

Serenity - Lake Malawi, Africa

This is a beautiful lake that looks like an ocean. It is very serene and beautiful. This video was shot from our room in Katoto lodge in Chintheche, which is right on the beach. Its waters are crystal clear and drinkable. Some of the most beautiful beaches are found in Chintheche where we worked as homeopaths. ENJOY.

Clinic health expo

Chintheche Malawi Homeopathy Clinic

These images show the clinic located in Chintheche. as well as a Health Expo organized by the health ministry of Malawi which we participated. We also conducted classes 2 times per week teaching homeopathy to the staff so this art could be expanded more throughout Malawi as well as helping the staff to become more fluent in Homeopathic prescribing.

Fish Market in Malawi

Fish market in Malawi

You can buy fish while you are going from place to place. This place is between Lilongwe (capital city) and Chintheche (where Judy and I were going to serve as homeopaths). I was dazed due to jet lag and did not see the guy pointing his finger until I started to edit the video for upload. You hear the real sounds of the place.....

Judy at Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi her Beauty & People

Different scenes from Lake Malawi. Hand carved boats sitting on the shore. Views of Sunrise (& a couple of sunsets) and people at the beach. A lovely place.

Women of Malawi

Women of Malawi

Women are the Pillars of Malawi (and many other countries in the world). They work hard, nurture their families, and give you a big smile when you say hello to them.

Children of Malawi

Beautiful Children everywhere

In Malawi wherever you go, you will see children playing. They are very friendly and curious and when they smile, their souls' beauty shines forth. Mzungu.

Welcome to Malawi sign

Travel & It's Various Means

In Malawi most people walk (many bare feet). Roads are carved on earth by constant usage in most places. All highways are two lanes and require desperate repair. Walking by far is the most method of going from place to place.



The main food is nsima (see-ma), which is of either corn or cassava flour. This is the main staple of Malawi. The side dish is either of beans, tiny fish, vegetables, or egg. Salt is heavily used. Main fuel for cooking is wood, one of the reasons the forests are disappearing fast in Malawi.

People and Places

People & Places

People of Malawi are beautiful and kind. When they smile the hidden jewels are revealed. These are some images of people we came in contact with, or met on the road, or simply took their picture. People of Malawi LOVE their pictures taken.



In Malawi Africa there are markets everywhere. There are special days like Mondays or Wednesdays designated specifically for shopping, but every day is market-day. The sounds and sights are beautiful.

Working in remote villages

Working in the Remote Villages of Malawi

After getting off a mini-bus on the main road we would walk for miles to get to where people needed our help. Torrential rains would come without notice causing roads impassible. At each village we were able to see many people throughout the day and provide homeopathic treatment and remedies. It was a privilege to be able to help these people and others in Malawi.

Flame Tree lodge

Lodging @ Chintheche

Here are a few places we stayed. The best place is Flame Tree Lodge. It's location, cleanliness, good menu makes it worthwhile to endure the 45 minutes-walk to the clinic each way.

Animals of Malawi

Animals of Malawi

Here are some wild and tamed animals we saw while in Chintheche Malawi. Showing also some of the plants and flowers.

Mask art

Arts of Malawi

Here are some of the beautiful pieces of arts by various artists in Malawi Africa. Every piece of art is hand crafted.

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If you do not want to click each of the links above you can go to ACTIVE HOMEOPATHY Channel on YouTube. There you will find all the videos (both pictures turned into video and actual videos) published for public access.

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