Reza's photo_Mar2014Reza Sharifi is a registered Classical Homeopath in the state of Arizona. Reza Sharifi has many years of experience in homeopathy. He was introduced to homeopathy in 1994 at a lecture at the American Society of Astrologers (ASA) in Scottsdale Arizona by Eileen Nauman, who is a well known astrologer, homeopath, a wonderful healer and teacher. Since then he has been involved with homeopathy for personal treatment, as a board member of former Phoenix Homeopathy Study Group (PHSG), and as a practitioner of this art. He graduated from the American Medical College of Homeopathy certificate program.

Reza photoReza Sharifi has finished a one and half years training course in classical homeopathy given by the world renowned homeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran of Mumbai India. Dr. Sankaran and his team in Mumbai have developed The Sensation method of case taking, which has revolutionized the practice of homeopathy. The Sensation method is built upon and integrated with the classical way of treating our clients. This advance process of case taking helps the practitioner to be more successful in finding the simillimum (perfect remedy) for the client.

Prior to becoming a classical homeopath Reza Sharifi started to explore other studies in order to be able to provide a useful service to the community. Working with people was important for him so he started to look into psychology and psychotherapy. Reza has self studied Carl G. Jung's psychology for nearly ten years. He was involved in individual and group therapy as well as dream analysis using Dr. Jung’s methods and principals. He also served as secretary on the board of Phoenix Friends of Carl Jung study group during that period.

Reza and Judy photo MalawiIn 2013 Reza Sharifi and a dear colleague and friend Judy Schmitz, traveled to Chintheche Malawi, Africa to serve as volunteer homeopaths. We helped and consulted with people of all ages while there for conditions such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, and other chronic diseases.

This experience was made possible by the work that ARHF has been doing in Africa for the last several years. They provide free homeopathic treatment in many African countries. To learn more please click on the image.

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