Consultations via Internet....

Internet consultation image

We are pleased to provide Internet consultation to anyone who is interested in homeopathic treatment. Our office is cyber space and we serve people around the world. We do not have a physical location to serve you.

How it Works......

  • You must have high speed internet connection
  • May use Skype or Google hangout (both these are free application which you must install on your device)
  • Works with either PC or Mac
  • If the PC does not have a built in camera then a webcam is required
  • A fairly quiet and very well lighted room with minimal distractions
  • Payment in-full prior to consultation by a valid credit card. Please see the page for Making an Appointment to learn about deposit, canceling policy, and how to request an appointment.

Important Information to be Aware of

The internet is not secure and Active Homeopathy does not guaranty secure connection to protect privacy. If privacy of what you share during the case taking process is a concern then this may be risky for you.

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